Foreign exchange rates move by the minute, so timing can have a big impact on your overseas transfer. Luckily our experienced and friendly team are on hand and available to guide you through the entire process.

Client: Ray Bennett

Destination: Sydney, Australia

Currency Required: Australian Dollars

Timescale: 2 Months

Source of Funds: Saving, Proceeds from a house sale

Reason for Transfers: Emigration

I used FX-Pro to transfer funds to Australia.
It was quick, easy and extremely cost effective.

I was introduced to FX-Pro through a mutual friend. I met with the team at their offices and immediately impressed with their professionalism and experience. I’ve worked and lived abroad for many years so was sceptical that FX-Pro could beat my current (Investment Banks) rates. We did a live price comparison and I was blown away by the difference in rates. FX-Pro beat my bank hands down. I signed up right there and then. Everything was completed in a matter of minutes. 

I received the confirmation email the next day with my new account details, and as soon as the funds were ready I did the deal with FX-Pro. Two days later my money was in Australia ready and waiting for my arrival. The best part – I saved over R 100,000 with FX-Pro. I would recommend FX-Pro to any one sending money abroad.