More options, greater flexibility.

Saving you time & money.

Spot contract

Buy now, pay now. For when you need to make a payment quickly? We offer you a rate based on the live market on the day, once the rate has been booked & you’ve settled your deal, we’ll arrange to transfer your funds.

FEC Contract

Buy now, pay later.Fix the exchange rate today for a payment you know you will need to make in the future. FEC contracts are ideal for hedging & reducing risk. They are also particularly useful if the exchange rate is favourable now and you want to lock in the rate for a future dated payment.A forward contract is no different than a standard currency trade except that the settlement date is pushed forward into the future, and the rate is adjusted slightly to account for the interest rate differential between the two currencies in question.

Market Orders

Dealing opportunities often arise outside of dealing hours, a great way to target and take advantage of these opportunities is to use Market Orders. Simply tell us what level you would like to trade at and we’ll put an instruction into the market to trade at that level should the price become available.