We understand every business is different. From quick and easy online international payments, right through to implementing hedging strategies and buying currency forward. Whatever your currency needs, we’ve got the complete solution for your business. Our team can help you maximise the value of your international payments and manage your foreign exchange exposure.


Paying overseas suppliers

Get money to your overseas suppliers quickly and securely.

We manage the international payments for a number of South Africa’s biggest importers, exporters and distribution businesses. Regardless of whether you are sending or receiving international payments, our team will save you time and money.



Expert Guidance

The Rand is a highly volatile currency which often moves by up to 70 cents a day. While this can create valuable trading opportunities it does also pose major risks.

We can help protect you against exchange rate movements with a variety of simple FX tools, including Forward Contracts and Limit Orders.



Simple & Convenient

Our easy to use online payment platform is designed to make international transfers for your business quickly and securely.

If you need help targeting a particular rate or monitoring the market, our experienced & friendly dealers are here to help you. See how FX-Pro can streamline your transfers. 


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To find out more about FEC’s or market orders or to discuss our foreign exchange services for your business please give us a call. Why not setup a quick 15 min meeting with one of our FX experts, it’s free & there’s no obligation to sign up.

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SA’s fastest growing international payment provider

Everything we do is based on knowledge & experience attained in international markets. We offer, bank beating exchange rates and low transfer charges on all international money transfers. Speak to one of our experienced FX dealers today and find out how much you could save on your international payments.



Foreign Exchange is all about volume, the more you convert the better the price you get. Most small to medium sized businesses don’t have the volume needed to be able to negotiate better rates with their bank. That’s where we come in! Our combined volume gives us access to preferential rates which we share with our clients. To take advantage of our great rates and low transfer fees all you need to do is set up a free account online. Not only is it quick, easy and free but there’s also no obligation to make a transfer. 


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